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Grow Your Business

How to grow your Northumberland business

Whether you’re setting out to start up your own business from scratch or if you’ve already got a successful business but want to grow the workload can be daunting and neither of these are easy tasks even if they are exciting. There are ways however that you can help your business grow from scratch and take your business to new heights.


Business ConfidenceOne of the most important things from the research I have observed is confidence. Even if your company is currently smaller than that of your competitors and you have less experience it is essential that you portray an air of confidence in your product. You want to instil confidence in your customer, your investor and your staff which means portraying the image that you are a good leader and you are happy with what your company can do.

Don’t take on too much

It is easy for those running their own business to get bogged down with a colossal workload because they feel that because they own the business that they should be doing all of the work and dealing with all of the worry. However, it will benefit you and the company if you are willing to look for help. You should seek help from talented individuals who you can have confidence in to complete a task that you may have less experience with. The best leaders delegate tasks.

Options for growth

Once you have made your successful business you now have the option to grow further. One way you could do this is by opening a new location, either in Northumberland with your other one or looking to take your business further afield. This could mean moving to a nearby city like Newcastle or even expanding your company globally, depending on your product.

This is a difficult type of growth and you have to be sure that your company is making a steady profit before making this leap which may be very beneficial to your business.

Another option would be to franchise your business which would mean you’d have to be open to some changes but this could be a very effective way to grow your business and it is a fairly popular one.

Grow Your Business

Expanding to the internet is something that I would suggest all businesses need to do as soon as possible. The internet is the best place to advertise your business and it the place where people are most likely to find out about you. Make sure your website is professional and the content is of a good quality. There are businesses out there that can help you with tasks like this and it is a good idea to use them.

You may wish to consider forming an alliance or merging with another company. This may seem like you are selling your soul to a competitor but it is actually a very quick and positive way to expand your business effectively.

Target Market BusinessFinally, a good way to expand your business would be to target other markets. Whether this means widening your range of products or offering something to the age groups that you seem to attract less customers of this is a good way to expand your business and become better known.

Seek Funding

If you want your business to expand or just get on track then you will probably need to seek funding to help you expand and grow. There are plenty of funding opportunities for businesses in Northumberland which you can find out more about here.

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