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Make a Good First Impressions With Social Media

The Importance of Making a Good First Impression on Social Media

Are you using social media to promote your startup? You need to make a good first impression when first starting up with any business. It’s essential that you have an effective social media business plan in place to get things off the ground the right way.

There are literally millions of people connected on social media sites around the world so social media is the perfect free marketing tool. To give you an idea of social media active users on popular social networks, check out these numbers:-
Social Media Icons

  • Facebook 1.97 billion
  • Instagram 600 million
  • Twitter 319 million
  • Pinterest 150 million
  • LinkedIn 106 million

These figures are absolutely mind-boggling and an indication of why it’s so important to make a good first impression on social media. Imagine how your business could benefit from maximum exposure if you put the effort in to make a solid presence online from the beginning.

Fundamental to success

On social media, like any other medium, the first impression is fundamental to success. For individual users, the first impression you provide on social media will more than likely have an impact on the following:-

  • Clicks onto your website
  • Watching your ads
  • Using your services and buying your products
  • Spreading the word about your business

To achieve business success, you need to strike the right chord and fast. Social media will allow your business to leverage power by attracting more loyal clients and potential new customers. Here are a few ways in which to enjoy a startup setup on social media the right way:-

  1. Create your social media strategy – every startup business needs a social media strategy to compete in today’s digital market. Think of new business motives and how social media can help achieve them. Begin by examining the consistency of your brand across social networking channels. Remember that every brand has a unique objective so to stand out from the competition, yours should be different.
  2. Planning a Social Media Strategy

  3. Do plenty of research – when first starting up with your business to make a good first impression on social media, do plenty of research. Look into popular market trends, relevant content for social media, brand messages as well as social media profiles. Examine your current status on social media and find ways to boost your online presence.
  4. Make everything visually appealing – visual content is so important in marketing in 2017. Since this is the first thing users will see on social media, they have a major impact on the first impression of your startup business. Focusing on graphics will help to create the right impression from the off. Get it wrong and people will quickly lose interest in your brand. If you’re unable to carry out the task yourself, it’s probably a good idea to set an affordable budget to one side to use the services of business startup graphics specialists. A relatively small investment will go a long way in making your online visual startup appearance look professional.

So, there we have it. In just a few steps, your startup business will be able to make the right impression, first time.

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