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Top Tips for Low Bills!

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If there is one thing we all know it is the importance of stretching every penny at the moment. The problem is that the most obvious way to save your money is to cut out the luxuries like going out for a meal every now and then or have a couple of drinks with your mates. That doesn’t sound like a lot of fun! So what if you could save yourself some money on the stuff that you use every day?! Well more and more people are taking this option; buying cheaper food, more fuel efficient cars and of course, trying to keep their energy bills down.

We thought we would help you guys out by offering up a handful of tip top tips for keeping those bills as low as they can go!

Block your Chimney

If you think about it this makes a lot of sense but it isn’t something we automatically think about. A chimney is designed to pull hot air up and if you don’t use your open fire place then it is just going to suck all the heat out of your room! Even if you only use it occasionally you could block it up with a chimney balloon so that is still there to keep you cosy when you require.

Check out the video below that gives you step by step instructions on how to set up your chimney balloon:

-Sustainable Staveley

Don’t be Draughty!

We can all feel the cold air coming in from a draught, but if you think about it where cold air is coming in you are losing hot air somewhere else. What’s the point in paying for heating when it is all escaping? So block those draughty doors and get those walls and windows fixed!

Use your Curtains!Close Curtains

You would be amazed at the difference simply closing the curtains makes to keeping you toasty and warm. A decent set of curtains can mean you use 25% less energy to heat a room. Imagine the difference that could make for you!

Change your Energy Supplier

and even if you don’t in the end, take the time to shop around. Obviously it isn’t the most thrilling way to spend a Saturday but it is probably the fastest way to make a noticeable saving. Even if you end up staying up, just letting your energy supplier know you have been shopping around and you have found some better deals that can really make them work harder to keep your business.

Embrace New Technology

The biggest issue with your bills though is how inefficient most of our heating systems are. Boilers and heaters are a thing of the past and the solution is infrared technology. Heating panels and systems are surprisingly easy and cheap to install (particularly if you have ever had the challenge of trying to replace a full central heating system) and their hugely improved efficiency can save you quite literally hundreds of pounds a year.

New Technology

For more information and money saving tips, don’t hesitate to contact myself or Red Hot Green, the leading installers of the infrared heating panels mentioned above.


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