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London Start-up Business

Top tips for a London start-up business

London is one of the best and most exciting places in the world to start up a life changing business and this is why so many people are giving it a go. The business sector in London may be a great place to earn a living but due to the popularity of this capital city the business competition can be extremely fierce. For that reason it is important that you consider a few things before getting your business up and running. Here are a few tips that will hopefully push you in the right direction and help you get your dream business on track.

Love your business idea

London Business Start-upsBefore you kick start your business you need to do a lot of planning to make sure you have a profit making idea. Now, I’m a firm believer of diving into things and learning from mistakes but you need to be sure that your business has potential to work and grow. One way you can be sure that your business will succeed is by the way you feel about it. If you love your business and the work that comes with it then you will be guaranteed to put your heart and soul into it which will seriously rub off and make others love the idea too.

Owning a business in the UK’s capital
can be a stressful job to have so it is important that you enjoy yourself. Work hard and play hard… at the right time. You don’t want your business to take over your social life so make sure you make time to relax and stay happy when you are at work.

Location, location, location

Choosing a location for your business can have a serious effect on how well you do. Yes, everyone wants to waltz straight into Mayfair and earn a fortune but you have to be realistic with your budget. A lot of start-ups don’t have the money to open up their business in an expensive area like this but there are plenty of other places where your business can thrive without the location eating up your budget before even designing the building interior.

Business Start-up London Area

A good manager delegates

When you do get your business up and running it is imperative that you use the expertise of those around you. You do not know everything as much as you might think you do and there are people who are better at certain things so you need to delegate tasks to ensure that all aspects of the business are the best that they can be. The best businesses have experts in all fields available to them so make sure you offload some of the workload.


When starting up a business anywhere in the world it is important that you have contacts. London is a fantastic place for business networking events and I recommend that you attend as many of these as you have time for because this is a great way to get your business up and running quicker but it is also a great way to grow your business effectively. Get out there and inspire people to believe in your business as much as you do.

An ideal customer experience

The customer experience is something that will be extremely important to your business and you need to ensure that you do all in your power to leave your clients satisfied. This isn’t as difficult as it seems, just set some company values and follow through on all promises. Getting to know the customer personally is becoming a must for a lot of businesses these days so make sure that they feel special and they should always want to come back.

For more useful customer service tips, please watch the video below:

-Video by MightyCall




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