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Bid Writers

Top Tips on becoming a successful Bid & Tender Writer

Within a company, a bid writer can wear many hats. They may work in sales, on the marketing team, be a business development manager, contracts manager or even the managing director. It might come as a bit of a surprise to know that a lot of people complete bids alongside their day job. Alternatively bid writing may involve a number of different members of staff in the bid and tender writing process so the responsibility is shared out.

Being a bid writer is quite a complex job, one that requires a specific skill set. The aim of a bid writer is to achieve a high success rate and secure contracts for your company.

Here are top 8 tips for writing winning bids:-

  1. It’s essential to see things from the buyer’s perspective. Forget what you’ve got to sell and instead think more about what the prospective buyer wants to buy. Be absolutely clear in your mind why the buyer should buy your solution over your competitors.
  2. Be organised. View each bid as a project. Give it top priority, set a timetable and stick to it.
  3. Engage, influence and persuade. Wherever you can and always within the rules, keep talking to the customer. A buyer wants to make sure they find the best solution so engage bid writing in such a way that shows your dedication in helping them to win the contract.
  4. TickBe bid ready. Once you’re bid-ready the next step is to find potential contracts to bid for. If you are interested in bidding to the public sector, there’s a huge variety of registers on which all contract opportunities are listed.
  5. Agreed the decision to bid? Give it all you’ve got. What makes a good writer compared to what makes a bad writer is the right decision in committing time, resources and energy to the bidding process. Ask yourself these three fundamental questions. Can I deliver this? Can I present a winning case? Will it be profitable? If the answer is yes to each question, then commit yourself fully into making your bid.
  6. Learn from experience. Bidding can be a good way of improving your business. Take stock of what you have discovered about the benefits or failings of your bid writing proposals. The next step is to identify improvements in future bid writing tenders. Whether you’re successful as a bid writer or not quite, ask for feedback about your writing or ask about improvements you could make.
  7. Promote your experience. Buyers are always concerned about reducing risk. With this in mind, to prove you are a trusted, tested and successful bid writer, forward case studies or references of your capabilities. What’s more, set your price and know its value. Let’s face it, in the world of bid writing, price is often the key differentiator.
  8. Don’t lose heart. Bid writing can be rewarding yet frustrating. You can’t win them all, seasoned bid writers expect a win ratio of between 50% and 70% depending on their experience. Don’t expect success every time, however the more effort you put into bid writing, the more experience you’ll get.

Learn to write bids that stand out from the crowd

OK you’ve found a tender you want to go for, fantastic news. So you don’t overdo it or stray away from the buzz of new business, learn to write bids that stand out from the crowd.

Bid Writers

Do’s & Don’ts

Don’t use jargon whether it’s bid writing for Trusts or Government Bodies translate everything into plain English.

Don’t assume anything especially if a Trust or Commission knows about your organisation and what it does. More likely than not they won’t, so you have to explain it yourself.

Do plenty of research, find out what’s important to the Commission Agency or Foundation in question. Try to have some personal contact before you write the bid, the human dialogue is always very important.

If your business hasn’t got a suitable bid writer, for expert bid writing needs, use the services of professional companies like Executive Compass. Attention to detail is the key and Executive Compass pride themselves on exactly that. In terms of how to become a successful bid writer, they provide lots of online info too from powers of persuasion to evaluating your own bid submission, organising your bid team or yourself to plan and bid writing schedules. What more could you ask for?

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